What Causes Most Truck Accidents in Irvine and Orange County

Truck Accident Blocks I-5 Near Commerce

What causes most truck accidents in Irvine and Orange County?  What should you do if you or a family member is injured in a Southern California truck accident?  The California Highway Patrol track many statistics associated with commercial truck accidents in California.  There are many reasons why truck accidents happen, but the primary sources of truck collisions resulting in injuries are:

Speed / Unsafe Driving – the start and stop traffic and sudden changes in speed which are common here in Orange County become even more challenging when a driver is attempting to safely operate and control a large vehicle such as a commercial truck.  Speed and unsafe driving are a common source of truck accidents in Irvine and Orange County which cause serious and sometimes permanent injuries to others with whom they share the road.

Distracted Driving – Truck rivers have a variety of technological advances available to them – many built into the dash or console of their vehicle.  While this technology helps them to navigate and avoid congestion, these information centers also require the driver to take their eyes off of the road.  In addition, the CHP has noted a substantial increase in truck accidents involving cell phones, texting, emailing and even eating while driving resulting in distraction and injury accidents.

Equipment Failures – All trucking companies and truck operators are required by law to maintain the safety of their vehicles.  However, many truck accidents are caused by poorly maintained brakes or worn tires which result in a blow out and loss of control.  This is especially true in more rural areas of our state and on curvy mountainous terrain.

Shifting Weight / Overloading – A truck must be properly loaded in order to operate safely here in California.  If the load inside a tractor-trailer isn’t properly secured, or the cargo on top of a flatbed truck shifts during transit the truck’s operator will quickly lose control of their vehicle resulting in serious injuries to other motorists.

While you now may know a little more about what causes most truck accidents in Irvine and Orange County what should you do if you are injured in a motor vehicle accident?  The experienced Irvine, Mission Viejo and Los Angeles truck accident and injury attorneys at The Law Firm of Rivers Morrell represent people who are injured in truck accidents as well as the families of those who lose a beloved family member in a fatal truck accident.  We invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and the legal industry and contact us or call 949-305-1400 to speak with Rivers Morrell personally for a free consultation.

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