What are Some of the Most Common Causes of Mission Viejo Car Accidents

Common Causes of Mission Viejo Car Accidents

What are some of the common causes of Mission Viejo car accidents?  Awareness is the key to reduce risk, and it is natural to settle into a sort of subconscious rhythm after driving for several years.  We take for granted our underlying assumption the people with whom we share the road are conscientious and cautious.  Most are.

Here are some of the most common causes of Mission Viejo car accidents which lead to serious injuries.  Increasing your awareness of others while driving can help you to avoid these mistakes and the risks of other drivers who may choose these behaviors:

Speeding – speeding is always going to rank as one of the most common causes of Mission Viejo car accidents.

Cell Phone Use / Distractions In the Car – this has become one of the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents in recent years.  You shouldn’t be distracted by anything when you are driving.  Try to keep your eyes moving and don’t fixate on distractions such as billboards or any one direction for very long.  Secure and silence your cell phone and avoid other risky behaviors such as putting on makeup or eating while driving.

Tailgating – Rear end accidents resulting in injury are unfortunately common across Mission Viejo.  Everyone is in a hurry these days, but driving too close to the vehicle in front of you can result in a painful injury accident, especially as the weather becomes more inclement.

Disobeying Traffic Laws – California traffic laws are there to ensure all of our safety.  Observe traffic control devices, especially when entering an intersection or when approaching an intersection.  Take a second look and signal before changing lanes or turning to avoid an unwelcome accident or injury.

DUI and Impaired Driving – Impairment from alcohol or prescription drugs is still a DUI.  DUI related accidents often result in the most serious injuries and unfortunately fatal collisions.

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