Insurance Adjusters Offer Much Lower Settlements Than We Obtain for Our Clients

Insurance Adjusters Offer Much Lower Settlements

It is a fact that in the vast majority of cases insurance adjusters offer much lower settlements than we obtain for our clients.  Often, the original offer is insulting to our clients based upon the extent of their injuries, the medical costs, the suffering and pain they’ve been forced to endure and the work they’ve missed.  Why do adjusters try to low-ball original offers to accident victims?  What are some of the factors which make a difference in what is offered and what they will ultimately pay?  Are all injury attorneys equally skilled and get the same results for their clients?

Never forget that the insurance company’s main objective is profit.  The less they pay you, the more profit they keep for themselves.  Many adjusters use subtle tactics to attempt to get victims of car accidents to settle quickly, even encouraging them that “we’ll give you a fair settlement, you don’t need an attorney.”  This is absolutely untrue, and I can provide case after case to show you the original offer from the insurance company and the amount they ultimately paid our clients.  The adjuster’s job is to get you to accept the least amount possible.  My job is to obtain the maximum settlement or verdict available to you under the laws of California.

What are some of the factors that make insurance adjusters offer much lower settlements?  The first and primary reason is the injured party is not represented by an experienced injury attorney.  The second reason is directly associated to the skill, expertise, prior success and trial experience of your injury attorney.  The insurance companies keep track of all injury attorneys.  They know which attorneys will take their cases to trial in order to protect their clients, and those attorneys who settle every case out of court.  I have more than 40 years of experience as a trial attorney, and have taken more injury cases to trial than more than 95% of all other injury attorneys in the State of California.  They know I worked for all of the major insurance companies for 20 years before focusing on representing only injured victims.  I know their tactics, strategies and motivations.  They know I will not settle for a penny less than my client deserves.

Not all injury attorneys are the same, and the quality of your attorney will definitely have an impact on your success.  Insurance adjusters offer much lower settlements when they don’t respect the attorneys representing the injured victim.  Learn about the 3 questions you should ask an injury attorney before hiring them.  I invite you to review the strong recommendations of former clients and the legal industry and contact us or call to speak with me personally for a free, private and confidential consultation at (949)305-1400.

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