Rib Injury in a Motor Vehicle Accident

Broken ribs and other fractures are the most common injuries in a car accident, truck crash or motor vehicle accident.  The forces in these accidents are very powerful.  During the moments of an accident, the body is slammed into the steering column or wheel, dashboard, side door or support beams with incredible force in fractions of a second.  Even if you are wearing a seat belt the seat itself can actually move forward on it’s track due to the force of an impact.

The rib cage is one of the most vulnerable areas of the body in any motor vehicle collision.  The rib cage protects your lungs, heart and other crucial organs.  Broken ribs can result in serious and in some cases life-threatening injuries.  In some cases the broken ribs may cause severe damage to the heart and lungs resulting in the wrongful death of an accident victim.  Closed fractures can puncture or cause damage to your internal organs.  A surgeon may install “hardware” to reassemble comminuted fractures where the rib(s) have broken into several pieces, or to support the rib cage as it heals.

Closed or compound fractures result in the complete break of a rib.   Hairline fractures or a non-displaced fracture mean the rib has been cracked but may not be broken all the way through.  Both can further result in damage to the surrounding ligaments, tendons and other soft tissue.  Broken or cracked ribs cannot be put in a cast but are often wrapped or put in a “figure 8” brace for comfort.  Broken ribs and rib injuries result in extensive pain and discomfort during recovery.

Always See a Doctor After an Accident Resulting in Rib Injury

The safety restraints in your vehicle may have prevented serious injury.  Safety belts put a large amount of force on the rib cage and often result in a rib injury known as a non-displaced fracture or “hairline” fracture.  A cracked rib or two will be quite painful in the hours and days following the accident and there is a substantial risk of further complications after any accident.  You should always see a doctor or visit an urgent care facility for examination within 24 hours of an accident even if you believe you are fine, or have only sustained a few bumps or bruises.

Contact an Experienced Broken Ribs and Rib Injury Lawyer

Broken ribs and other fractures will impact many aspects of your life including your mobility, ability to work and overall comfort in any position.  There may be internal injuries which will complicate your recovery and unfortunately increase the pain and suffering you are forced to endure.

While broken ribs and other fractures are the most common injuries in a Los Angeles car crash or Southern California motor vehicle accident they also represent some of the most painful and complicated injuries resulting in missed work, and an interruption in the normal rhythms of your life.

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