Dog Bites Damage Nerves and Leave Significant Scarring

bitten by a neighbors dogDogs will usually attack the face or limbs during an attack, especially on younger children, and the bites can leave severe scarring on their arms and legs as well as their face. Victims of a dog attack can experience substantial injuries that can result in permanent scarring.  Dog bites damage nerves, ligaments and tendons, resulting in extensive treatment to fully heal and regain full use of limbs and muscles. These types of injuries can require multiple procedures to repair, often including plastic surgery and physical therapy.

The National Center for Disease Control cites puncture wounds and lacerations as the most repetitive injuries experienced in most dog bites. These lacerations or puncture wounds damage underlying nerves, as well as the ligaments and tendons beneath the skin.

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What Should You Do After a Dog Bite Injury?

Dog bites damage nerves.  Nerve damage can have long term implications. Nerve injuries can lead to a loss of sensation and feeling in the affected region, as well as the loss of use or limited control over associated fingers or limbs. Recovery from a damaged nerve can be quite painful, and often requires months (if not years ) for the damaged nerve to regenerate and for sensations to return to affected areas.

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Dog Attacks Can Leave Permanent Severe Scars

Dog Bite Scarring Injury LawyerUnfortunately, dog bites can tear skin on the face and limbs and despite immediate professional medical attention these wounds can result in severe and permanent scarring. When these scars are visible, they can have a measurable effect upon the victim’s self esteem, especially in adolescent girls or young children.

Medical technology and techniques have come a long way in recent years, and many of these injuries can be repaired over time. Treatments to minimize the visibility of a scar over time can involve multiple procedures by highly trained specialists, and require the support of experienced counseling.

Children and women can experience a profound emotional impact to their self esteem based upon the visible scars remaining after a dog bite.

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The Psychological and Emotional Impact of a Dog Attack

Most of my clients are not prepared for the long term psychological impact of a dog attack. The victim of a dog bite or attack has experienced a severe emotional trauma, and this can lead to long term emotional issues, especially in the cases of children and teenagers.

Once a person has experienced the trauma of being attacked by a dog, their world is immediately and permanently changed. It is not uncommon for dog bite victims to experience significant challenges and fears associated with their personal security, and their ability to trust other people and animals. Dog bite victims are often diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and the resulting anxiety and fear can alter the normal course of life and make every day events like leaving the house to go shopping a traumatic experience.

Issues related to one’s self esteem and confidence can arise if there are permanent or severe scars in visible locations such as the face, neck, chest, arms or legs, especially in women and children. It is important for your attorney to ensure that the emotional needs of your loved one are planned for when resolving a case involving dog bites. It will be important for the child or victim to have access to long term counseling and support to support their emotional recovery and restore their sense of safety and well being.

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