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Many Orange County residents enjoy the joys of horseback riding, and own or board horses. Many more go to facilities that offer horseback riding lessons or recreational trail rides.  Visitors to Orange County often enjoy horseback riding experiences in our unique environments, and it is vital that the operators match the horse to the experience of the rider and ensure that proper bits, tack and equipment and appropriate safety measures are in place.

Horseback riding carries a degree of risk, and injuries can be a part of the experience. What is the difference between an injury that was part of the risk you assumed when you signed up, versus negligence on the part of the horse owner, stable, trainer or operator?

Great care must be taken by the horse owner(s) in all of these situations to ensure the protection and safety of the riders, guests, and the horses themselves. Trainers, stables and other horse related businesses must ensure that they do not pair an inexperienced rider with an expertly trained horse.  They are responsible for understanding the health and demeanor of their horses, and ensure that their horses are not injured or mistreated.  They are responsible for the upkeep of all equipment, facilities and conditions surrounding their property and the facilities where these activities are taking place.

They are also responsible for ensuring that patrons, visitors and guests are not bitten or otherwise injured by the horses they own. When this happens, the injured victim has the legal right to recover for their injuries, as well as the impact those injuries have made upon their life and work.

Horse Bites and Other Serious Injuries

Horses are very sensitive to the environment surrounding them, and can be easily disturbed by loud noises, sudden movement, or other animals. Horses are large and powerful animals, and can cause serious injuries in several ways including:

  • Kicking
  • Bites
  • Bucking a Rider
  • Making Contact with Fixed Obstacles, Trees or Buildings

The injuries that result often include broken bones, head trauma, neck and back injury and in some cases paralysis. Horse bites can be quite severe.  The power in the jaws of a horse can take quite a toll on a person’s flesh as well as the muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves below the surface.  Horse bites can leave substantial scarring, requiring extensive plastic surgery and ongoing medical care.

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