Orange County Accident and Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in an Orange County accident due to the negligence of another, you should be represented by an experienced and proven personal injury attorney. The selection of your attorney will have a substantial impact on your case, and that means money in (or out) of your pocket.  Many clients wonder what questions to ask an injury attorney they are evaluating for their case.

Accident and injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning there is no cost to you up front – I am paid a percentage of the result I am able to achieve on your behalf. So, if there is no cost to you up front won’t most attorneys achieve basically the same result in your case? The simple answer is no.

Let’s begin with the insurance company (and in some cases such as hit and run accidents, it will be your own insurance company). The motivation of the insurance company is to settle your case for the least amount possible. They employ highly trained legal experts and negotiators and adjusters who are attempting to get you to settle with them for the lowest possible cost. They are not concerned with your best interests – they are interested in profit. They do everything possible to come off as “everyday people,” but they are highly trained and skilled experts and negotiators. You deserve to have a highly skilled professional on your team who can stand up to them, and ensure that you are fairly compensated.

Questions to Ask an Injury Attorney

The first question to ask an injury attorney should be: “How many cases have you taken to trial?” (What? Doesn’t every attorney spend every day in court?) The fact is that the number of attorneys who regularly take cases before a jury is extremely small, and insurance companies keep records on each attorney. They know if that attorney is willing and able to take a case all the way through to a jury trial and win, or if they have a track record of settling cases quickly for a much lower value than what the client deserves. That reputation affects the willingness on the part of the insurance company to negotiate in a fair manner. I have taken hundreds of cases to court and dozens through to a successful verdict. I have been recognized by my peers and the legal industry as an elite injury attorney who has achieved noteworthy results over a long period of time.

This leads to the second question – “What honors and recognition have you received from your peers and the legal industry?” Experience is an obvious quality, but how do you know if you are speaking with an excellent attorney? There are unique awards and certifications that recognize the legal skill of an attorney. Some organizations such as “ABOTA” and “Super Lawyers” are invitations that are extended based upon expertise and the results an attorney has achieved for their clients, representing the top 5% of attorneys within an area of practice. Other certifications such as additional education and credentials by national legal associations such as the American College of Board Certified Attorneys and the National Board of Trial Advocacy document a commitment to maintaining exceptional skills and legal expertise.  The feedback of an attorney’s peers provides a unique perspective on their skill and expertise.

The third question is “What will it be like to work with you personally?” Injury cases require time, and there are many factors that will impact the timeframe involved such as the severity of the injuries and the attitude of the insurance company responsible for making things right for you. You want an attorney who is accessible, candid and with whom you feel personally comfortable. Can you reach them personally when you have a question, or will you be working with an assistant or paralegal? Your instincts will tell you if this is an attorney who is willing to do what is necessary to accomplish your goals, or if this is someone who might cut a few corners or negotiate less effectively in the crucial moments.  Check out our client’s recommendations and testimonials to see what they have expressed about working with my firm.

Contact an Experienced, Respected and Proven Injury Attorney with more than 35 Years of Experience

There are several important questions to ask an injury attorney you are considering for your case.  It begins with a phone call, a free and confidential consultation. I invite you to call me personally at (949)305-1400 for a free consultation to discuss what has happened and how I can help you, or contact us to schedule a time for us to meet in person. We can’t go back in time and it is often impossible to return life to how it was before the accident. But we will work together to help you to recover from what has happened and to put you in the best possible position to move forward with your life.