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There are dozens of nursing homes, retirement communities and assisted living facilities in and around Fullerton California and the incidence of patient injury and neglect is on the rise. Nursing and convalescent homes are supposed to be a safe place where loving and consistent care is provided to senior citizens as well as those who require extensive supervision and treatment. The number of patient neglect and abuse, as well as falls, drops and related injuries has been climbing over the past several years due to a combination of the increased populations within these facilities and the lack of certified professionals available at each facility.

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How Do You Know if Your Loved One Is Suffering Neglect or Abuse in a Fullerton Nursing Home?

No one wants to imagine that their loved one is lonely or suffering from neglect or a lack of care in their retirement years, but many loving family members suspect that the level of care their loved one is receiving is seriously deficient. How will you know? Are there any signs you can look for?

The short answer is “yes, absolutely.” If you see any of the following signs or a pattern of behavior, you should call us immediately:

  • Changes in medication – especially those drugs meant for sedation or anti-psychotics
  • Bruising or small wounds around the wrists or ankles, or other signs of patient restraint
  • Bed sores or Pressure Ulcers from lack of attention and proper turning/repositioning
  • Soiled/Dirty bed-sheets from neglect and lack of nursing care
  • Understaffing with an inadequate number of trained staff to care for patients
  • Lab Reports of De-Hydration or Lack of Nutrition
  • Frequent infections
  • Any drops of patients from negligent transfers to the bed

What is Really Going On Behind Closed Doors in Nursing Homes and Convalescent Centers?

The principal challenges for these facilities is staffing. California has specific laws regarding patient to professional medical staff ratios, as well as the number of certified medical professionals that must be employed at each care center. Unfortunately, many of the nursing homes and convalescent facilities in Fullerton and across Orange County do not meet required staffing levels, and are forced to “over medicate” or restrain patients to ensure compliance and to reduce the amount of care required.

A senior citizen who is a patient or undergoing treatment in a care facility should never experience a fall or broken bones. If there has been any type of injury that is the result of a fall, especially if it involves a broken hip or pelvis, broken arms or head injury you should contact our office immediately. We will work with you to discuss what has happened, investigate the facts and hold those who are responsible for your loved one’s injuries and poor care responsible and financially accountable.

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My name is Rivers J. Morrell, III and I have more than 40 years of experience serving clients in Fullerton and throughout Orange County. If your loved one has suffered a fall or injury in a Fullerton convalescent center or nursing home or if you suspect abuse or neglect I invite you to call us for a free consultation at (949)305-1400. We will work with you to review all associated records, charts, history and treatment details to determine the breadth and scope of the neglect or abuse. We will pursue your loved one’s legal case so that you can focus on caring for them, and ensuring that they are receiving the proper levels of treatment and attention.

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