Truck Accidents in Anaheim


Commercial Vehicles are Harder to Stop and Cause Serious Injuries

According to the California Highway Patrol, Anaheim has the highest number of track related accidents, injuries and fatalities in Orange County. Anaheim is one of the largest cities in Orange County, and its location on major interstate and busy freeway access make it an important connector between Los Angeles to the North, San Diego to the south and Riverside to the East. The Riverside freeway or Highway 91 is one of the most dangerous stretches of road in southern California, especially where it intersects with highway 57 (the Orange Freeway), the 55 highway as well as interstate 5.

Causes of Truck Accidents in Anaheim

The most common causes of accidents involving trucks in Anaheim are excessive speed, improper turns and distracted driving. The nature of the roadways in and around Anaheim involves constant changes in the speed and flow of traffic. One moment you are traveling 65 MPH, and the next traffic is coming to a stop. Trucks require a much longer stopping distance and the speed differential leads to a high number of rear end collisions that result in serious injury to the occupants of other cars and motorcycles who share the road with trucks.

Turns, especially left hand turns across traffic provide a significant challenge for truck drivers. There are many blind spots surrounding the vehicle, and it can be easy for a driver to miscalculate the radius required for the turn or the speed of oncoming traffic. Anaheim is bustling with traffic, and a majority of those drivers may be visiting major attractions such as Disneyland or one of Anaheim’s professional sports teams – the Angels (MLB) or the Mighty Ducks (Hockey).

Finally, distracted driving is a constant cause of accidents for all drivers, but this can especially be true for truck operators. They are trying to stay in communication with customers, the company they are driving for as well as family and friends by texting, emailing or talking on their cell phone. While California has strict laws about hands-free operation, there are an unfortunate number of truck accidents in Anaheim that are the direct result of distracted driving.

Anaheim Truck Accidents Often Result In Serious Injuries

The speed differential and the weight of a truck or commercial vehicle are no match for a car or motorcycle in an accident. The occupants in the car or motorcycle struck by a truck will often endure serious injuries including:

  • multiple fractures
  • open and closed head injury
  • traumatic brain injury
  • broken neck, back or pelvis

damage to internal organs

Truck Accident Cases Require an Experienced Injury Attorney with Deep Expertise

The legal ramifications of a truck related accident are quite complex. Trucks are insured by multiple sources, and all avenues of recovery must be accurately identified and held accountable. Truck insurers are represented by teams of attorneys who will only respect an experienced truck accident and injury attorney with years of experience and a strong record of victories in trial verdicts.

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