Santa Ana Truck Injuries


Truck Accidents on I-5 and I-405

Truck accidents in and around Santa Ana usually result in serious injuries due to the weight and speeds associated with these large vehicles. The San Diego Freeway (I5) and the 405 as well as the 22 and Costa Mesa Freeways around Santa Ana are heavily traveled and are major arteries for commercial vehicles and tractor trailer trucks moving through Orange County between San Diego and Los Angeles. These highways experience high differentials in speed over short differences as traffic expands and contracts, and trucks that are traveling 55 mph can have a hard time responding to traffic that comes to a quick and unexpected stop. Truck accidents can also be the result of driver fatigue, equipment failure or simply a change of lanes without clearance from other vehicles.

My name is Rivers J. Morrell III and I have more than 40 years of experience as a personal injury attorney serving Santa Ana, and Orange County California. I have managed hundreds of cases involving truck accidents and can tell you from personal experience that these cases are much more complex from a legal perspective. There are often multiple parties to hold accountable, and it takes a seasoned and experienced attorney to stand up to these companies and their legal teams to protect your rights.

Truck Accidents Cause Severe Injuries and are Often Unfortunately Fatal

Truck Accidents usually result in serious and catastrophic injuries. Head trauma, and broken vertebrae in the head and neck can result in permanent injuries and paralysis requiring extensive medical care and long term planning to manage the impact they will have on the rest of your life. These cases require “Life Care Planning” to ensure that we provide for the initial medical costs and treatments, as well as all future care, physical and occupational therapy, and the modifications to your home and vehicles to accommodate wheelchair access and restricted physical capacities.

When truck accidents are fatal, the surviving family brings a wrongful death action to hold the trucking company and associated insurance companies accountable for the loss of your loved one. Wrongful death cases must be brought in a timely manner, and require the legal skill and expertise that comes out of years of experience managing wrongful death cases. I am most concerned with the well being of your family, and stay in close contact throughout the duration of your case. I manage all communications and legal issues so that you and your family can focus on each other, and the process of healing from what has happened.

Contact an Experienced Orange County Truck Accident Attorney Serving Santa Ana

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