Trauma Related Amputation

Trauma-related arm & leg amputation are injuries that can occur in a serious motor vehicle accident. These injuries can result due to:

If you have lost an arm or a leg in an accident the impact on your life will be profound.  You will require extensive medical care initially, and perhaps for the rest of your life.  Modifications will need to be made to your home, as well as the vehicles you drive.  These serious personal injuries can affect your ability to earn a living, and impact every area of a person’s life.

Sometimes accidents are the fault of the victim, but in many cases serious accidents are caused by the negligence of another. If an injury that leads to a trauma-related arm & leg amputation is the result of someone else’s actions, the amputee has a right to file a lawsuit to pursue damages for compensation for past, present and future medical treatment; past, present and potential loss of earnings, occupational and physical therapy, as well as the pain and suffering they are forced to endure.

Proof of Liability in Arm & Leg Amputation Cases

In order for an amputee to file a negligence claim, the victim of arm & leg amputations accidents must prove several elements to win his or her case. An experienced California Personal Injury attorney understands legal duty of care and how it applies in negligence lawsuits. Was the defendant careless in his/her/their actions and in violation of legal duty of care? Did improper maintenance of equipment lead to the accident? Was the breach the actual and proximate cause of the accident that led to the damages? Did poor design of a building or dangerous hazards on a construction site cause the accident?

Contact an Experienced and Proven Injury Attorney

Attorney Rivers Morrell of The Law Firm of Rivers J. Morrell III has 40 years legal experience with arm & leg amputation injuries as well as California motor vehicle accident, premises liability, personal injury, slip and fall, and workers compensation law. Having represented major insurance carriers for the first 20 years of his career, Mr. Morrell understands California law related to amputee accident cases and the strategies used by insurance companies to lower the amounts they pay for these types of injuries. Whether the accident was due to negligence, dangerous conditions on a property, product defects, or work related injury; Rivers Morrell will personally handle your case and advise you of your options.

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