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If someone you love was lost in a Santa Ana fatal accident due to the negligence of another, it is known in California as a “wrongful death”. Santa Ana is one of the most dangerous cities for fatal accidents in Orange County, second only to Anaheim. Santa Ana is home to some of the most dangerous highways and interstates in California including the San Diego Freeway (I-5), the 405, the Costa Mesa Freeway and Route 22. It is a critical corridor as goods and services flow up and down the coast of southern California between Los Angeles and San Diego.

Fatal accidents most often involve motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles or public transit such as buses and trains. A wrongful death can also be the result of merchandise falling in a store, the collapse of a bridge, or dangerous conditions in a residential dwelling. As an experienced wrongful death lawyer with more than 40 years of experience I have managed wrongful death cases ranging from accidents at construction sites to public pool drowning to boating accidents. These cases require a high level of legal experience and expertise, as well as the ability to communicate effectively with families who have suffered a tragic loss. You can entrust your family’s wrongful death case to me, knowing that I will handle all communications and legal actions so that you and your family can focus on grieving and recovering from your loss.

1 in 9 Fatal Accidents in California Involves a Pedestrian

The State of California Driver’s Handbook states that 1 in 9 fatal accidents in California involves a pedestrian. Accidents involving pedestrians and a motor vehicle usually result in serious injuries to the pedestrian including head trauma, bone fractures, paralysis and in many cases loss of life. My firm has extensive experience in pedestrian, skateboarder and bicycle injury cases, and will take the cases through trial including accident reconstruction and expert testimony when required.

Many of these cases are the work of hit-and-run drivers leaving the family of the victim wondering who will pay for the medical bills and wage losses. I work with these clients to pursue their own Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) insurance as a source of recovery unless and until the offending driver can be apprehended.

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