Dog Bite Statistics and Injury Rates in US and Orange County CA


The most recent statistics show that there are roughly 77.6 million dogs who are pets here in the US.
The Centers for Disease Control or CDC reports that 4.5 Million Dog Bites Occur Annually
38 to 45 Fatalities Each Year in the US are Due to Dog Attacks
The Majority of Dog Bites are Un-Reported
There are 3 to 5 Dog Bites Reported to Animal Control Every Day in Orange County
There are More than 1,000 Injury Victims Treated in Orange County Every Year
Dog Bites Result in 1,000 or so Emergency Room Visits Each Day in the US
Almost 10,000 of These Victims Will Require Hospitalization
Children Under 18 Years of Age are the Highest Risk Injury Category for Dog Bites
Almost 40% of Emergency Room Visits Related to Dog Bites Involve Children
Children 5 to 10 Years of Age are Twice as Likely to Require Hospitalization After a Dog Attack
Children 0 to 5 Years of Age or 1.75 Times as Likely to Require Hospitalization After a Dog Attack
Half of Children Bitten in a Dog Bite or Attack will Suffer Emotional Trauma or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Dog Bite Injuries On the Body (Based on Emergency Room Figures) Break Out as Follows:
  • Face and Neck:                         36%
  • Lower Limbs/Digits:              31%
  • Upper Limbs/Digits:              19%
  • Chest                                             14%
Almost 80% of Dog Bite Injuries to Children Requiring Hospitalization are Head, Face and/or Neck Injuries
Approximately 27,000 Patients Endure Reconstructive or Plastic Surgery After a Dog Bite Each Year
Hospitalization Expenses of Dog Bite Victims are Close to or exceed $50 Million Each Year
The Individual Victims and Families of Dog Bites and Attacks Suffer Billions in Financial Losses Each Year
The most common wounds are puncture or tearing injuries
Infection is a common complication associated with dog bite injuries

The Breed of Your Dog Does Matter

There are a class of dogs that are responsible for a majority of attacks and dog bites that result in injury. The “Molosser” breeds are responsible for more than 80% of dog bites and attacks each year that result in injuries, and more than twothirds of fatal dog attacks.  Molosser breeds are named for the Molossi, a tribe or people who lived in the north-west area of ancient Greece.  Molosser breeds can be difficult to specifically classify, but generally fall into two categories: flock protection and home guards.  Molosser breeds are powerful, muscular dogs often with “pendant” ears and generally include Mastiffs, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Sharp Eis, Boxers and associated mixes of those breeds.


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