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Santa Ana is the county seat of Orange County California with a population of approximately 335,000, and each year there are many victims of dog attacks and dog bites within the city. In California, dog owners carry strict liability for the actions of their pets, and as such can be held liable and financially responsible if their pet attacks another person. However, if the dog owner does not have adequate insurance there may not be a source of recovery for dog bite victims. What valuable information could a dog bite lawyer in Santa Ana share after more than 40 years of experience?

Homeowners, and more recently residents of many condominium and apartment communities are required to carry homeowners insurance or renters insurance. While these types of insurance usually exclude dogs known to be vicious breeds (such as pit bulls), insurance can be a critical factor in recovery for a dog bite case.

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Santa Ana is home to a diverse population spanning a broad range of ages and household income. The community is home to many families, many of whom have dogs. Most dog bite victims actually know the dog who attacked them, as well as the owner of that pet. Often they are relatives or friends of the family or child.

I have been helping dog bite victims for more than 40 years, and I clearly understand the sensitivity of managing a case where a child was bitten by the dog of a relative or close family friend. However, that is why we carry homeowners or renters insurance, and we have paid those premiums for just this type of incident. I can help to preserve the underlying relationships while seeking financial recovery from the appropriate insurance company.

What Should You Do if you are Injured by a Dog Bite?

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Looking Out for the Best Interests of the Dog Bite Victim

In the end, the most important issue at hand is the well being of the person or child who was bitten, and working to ensure that they have the medical and psychological support necessary to fully recover from the attack. Dog bite injuries are usually quite severe, and can leave deep permanent scars.

Damage to underlying nerves, ligaments and tendons can affect use of hands, arms or legs and physical therapy may be required to recover a full range of motion. Dog bite cases usually require multiple medical procedures and plastic surgery, especially if the injury is to a highly visible area such as the face, torso, arms or legs.

Dog attacks also leave the victim emotionally scarred. Children are especially prone to post traumatic responses that leave them fearful of being outside, and far less trusting of people and places outside the home. Extensive emotional counseling may be required to help them work through these issues, and recover a more balanced and healthy outlook on issues of security and trust.

I have handled hundreds of these cases throughout the years, and it is important to make sure that we provide for all present and future medical procedures, therapy and counseling to provide the best opportunity for the child or dog bite victim to fully recover. The right dog bite lawyer in Santa Ana, Irvine and all of Orange County can make a big difference for you and your family.

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