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There is a lot of activity in and around most parking lots here in Orange County, and they can be a very dangerous place where pedestrians are injured by cars as they leave a parking space or turn into an aisle. Many parking lots are dimly lit at night, or a driver’s visibility may be limited or distracted by the type of vehicle they are operating or by something going on inside their car.  In some cases, the driver is simply thinking about the next thing they need to accomplish, or some event in their private life and lose that momentary focus as they back out of a parking space.  They might be moving too quickly for safe operation within the area, or be distracted by a cell phone call or text.  Pedestrian accidents in parking lots happen quickly, with serious injury consequences.

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If you are walking in a parking lot and are struck by a car, commercial truck or motor vehicle it is important to seek immediate medical attention. We are taught from a young age to “bounce back” up and brush ourselves off and say we’re alright.  After more than 40 years helping people with these types of injuries, I can tell you that many complications can take weeks, even months to present.  Many clients that just felt a little “shaken up”, develop complications later affecting joints, discs in their backs and necks, as well as emotional ramifications relating to the post traumatic stress from the incident.

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Who Is Responsible for Pedestrian Accidents in Parking Lots or Private Driveway?

In most cases, there is no excuse for the driver of any car, truck or motorcycle for pedestrian accidents in parking lots and the legal and financial responsibility will rest with that driver and their insurance. If they are without insurance, have minimum coverage, or in the event of a hit-and-run accident you may need to also rely on your own “uninsured / underinsured motorists” coverage within your own automobile insurance.  There can absolutely be contributory factors such as poor lighting, neglect of shrubs or trees, or the placement of other obstacles that may include the owner of the parking lot or business you were visiting.  These cases can be quite complex, and that is why it is important to work with an experienced and proven Orange County pedestrian accident and injury attorney.

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