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Extortion or Rightful Civil Lawsuit?

The recent announcement by Charlie Sheen that he has been diagnosed as being HIV positive, and has known about this for four years has led to a national discussion about the responsibilities of transmitting a sexually transmitted disease or STD, and the financial ramifications. You simply cannot consider transmitting HIV AIDS without warning here in California, or across the US.  In California, a person who knows they carry an STD must warn potential partners in advance of intimate contact. The failure to do so opens the STD carrier to legal and financial liabilities.

$10 Million STD Client PaymentWhen a person of substance and wealth, such as Charlie Sheen, knowingly exposes a partner to an STD such as HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis C, Herpes or HPV they can be held financially responsible by filing a civil lawsuit. My name is Rivers Morrell, and I have helped injured victims and their families for more than 40 years. I can assure you of a few central facts – these cases are not extortion, and you can hold someone financially liable for transmitting an STD without warning you in advance of sexual contact.

Hear From Two Actual Clients About Their Journey Through STD Transmission

These are genuine real life clients (not actors) who wanted to share their stories to help others who are facing questions regarding STD transmission, and why it is important to seek help.  You might need to “un mute” the volume at the bottom of the video during playback:

True Story of 2 Actual STD Clients of Rivers Morrell

The Difference Between Extortion and a Civil Lawsuit for Transmitting HIV AIDS

Charlie Sheen announced one of the reasons he revealed he was HIV positive was to put a stop to extortion. He went on to reveal that a few people had extorted millions from him, and that they were the worst sort of betrayers. Let’s get one thing clear: holding a person financially responsible for transmitting an STD to you without warning you in advance of intimate or sexual contact is a civil code violation, and holding them financially liable and accountable is legal, moral and ethical.

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What is extortion?  In general, extortion is the demand for something, usually money, coupled with a threat to do something, other than the threat of a lawsuit.

A civil lawsuit is not extortion. We are not pursuing money to keep quiet. The fact is your partner knowingly exposed you to an STD, without warning you of the risk. In some cases, such as transmitting HIV AIDS and Hepatitis C, the diseases can cause serious health issues and even threaten your life. The treatments for these diseases are quite expensive, and the effects on your work and social life will be profound.

The presence of any STD will require significant medical costs now and in the future, as well as emotional counseling and the weight of having to work through the stigma and fear associated with an STD and the impact it will have upon your life. You may have periods where the disease affects your ability to work and earn a living. A civil lawsuit places a financial value on these issues known as “damages”, and holds the person who transmitted the disease accountable for the damages they’ve caused in your life.

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An Experienced Wrongful STD Transmission Attorney

Hear from Rivers Morrell personally about his work with those who are facing questions regarding STD transmission, and why it is important to seek help.  You might need to “un mute” the volume at the bottom of the video during playback:

Rivers Morrell More than 40 Years Experience STD Wrongful Transmission Attorney

Contact an Experienced California HIV AIDs and STD Attorney Today

If you have tested positive for HIV, and received an STD such as HIV or AIDs from a partner without advance warning, contact my offices. I have helped many people to hold their partners accountable for transmitting HIV AIDS. I understand the pain, fear, isolation and concern you may now be feeling. Many of my clients initially felt a series of emotions including anger, shame, embarrassment and fear. I want to help to lift those burdens from your shoulders, so that you have the resources you need to manage these challenges, and overcome them.

I invite you to call and speak with me personally, privately and confidentially for a free consultation at (949)305-1400. We will discuss your case and the steps we will take to hold the other party responsible for giving you an STD without warning. This won’t cost you anything out of pocket, as I work on a contingency fee basis. Together, we will work through this issue and put you back into a position of confidence and strength. It is possible to manage life with an STD, and I want to help you to have the resources and support to get through it.

Lift a dark cloud from your shoulders. Learn about your rights under California law, and the process for holding someone accountable while protecting your confidentiality and good name. This isn’t extortion, or something wrong. The wrong in this case was the fact that you were exposed to something you didn’t want or need without advance warning. Let’s work together to make that right, and restore your sense of well being and confidence.

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