Dog Bite Injuries with Infections


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Dog bite injuries can be quite severe, but even a seemingly minor bite can generate a serious infection. Many people are under the false impression that a dog’s mouth is more sanitary than a human being.  Dog bite injuries with infections can lead to serious medical complications, and it is important to treat dog bite wounds and seek immediate medical care for the bite injury and take action to prevent infection.

There are millions of dog bites in the United States each and every year. The statistics in the US and dog bites here in Orange County and Southern California are on the rise.  You should never ignore a bite, even if it doesn’t seem to be that serious.  There are many common types of infection associated with dog bites, including pasteurellosis, staph, strep, and even life threatening disease such as capnocytophaga.

What Should You Do if you are Injured by a Dog Bite?


Pasteurellosis is an infection that occurs in the tissue surrounding the dog bite itself. The puncture wounds do not have to go through to affect the veins or bloodstream of the victim.  Pasteurellosis can and will spread quickly to the surrounding region, affecting other muscles and even surrounding bones.

Staph and Strep Infection

Staph and strep infections are usually accompanied by redness, warmth, swelling and pain in the affected areas. Staph and strep are common forms of infection, but unattended areas can rapidly invade other systems of the body resulting in strep throat, pneumonia and other flu-like symptoms.

Capnocytophaga / Dog Bite Septicemia

Capnocytophaga canimorsus is a serious and rapidly developing infection that occurs in a small percentage of cases. This can be the result of simple scratching and often presents as a rash and a fever.  It develops quickly into a serious and potentially fatal form of sepsis that debilitates major organs and ultimately causes the body’s systems to shut down, resulting in death.

It is important to remain calm and maintain perspective after a dog bite or attack, but it is also important to immediately flush and sterilize any injury resulting from a scratch or bite. If you have been attacked by a dog and have any contact with the animal it is important to seek immediate medical attention.

Contact an Experienced Dog Bite Injury Attorney Serving Orange County

Dog bite injuries with infections result in unnecessary suffering for the victim.  Early treatment by medical professionals is absolutely necessary for all dog bites.  My name is Rivers J. Morrell, III and I have helped victims of dog attacks as an injury attorney for more than 40 years. I understand the impact that this event has had upon your life, or the life of your child and I want to help.  If you or someone you love was injured during a dog attack I invite you to contact me office to schedule an appointment, or call (949)305-1400 to speak with me personally for a free consultation.

I work on a contingency fee basis, and there is no cost to you out of pocket. Let’s discuss what has happened, and all that I can do to help you to recover from this event and to have the resources and treatment required to heal and move forward with your life.

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