Injured When a Dog Attacked


Many Dog Attack Injuries are Not Related to a Bite

Dog attacks are sudden and traumatic events, and often the injuries sustained in a dog attack result from a bite. California law holds the owner of a dog “strictly liable” for injuries you sustained when their dog attacked you.  You can recover for being injured when a dog attacked, including the injuries sustained when you were knocked down, or for more extensive injuries including:

  • A heart attack that results from the dog’s aggressiveness
  • Injury while trying to escape the situation on foot or on a bicycle or other vehicle
  • A fall down a stairway or on a hard surface

Attacks can happen for a variety of reasons, and the victim may not have taken any action to engage the dog prior to the incident. They may have been simply passing by on a bicycle, or were out jogging or running in a park or residential area.  Uniforms may trigger a response from many dogs, and professionals such as delivery personnel, plumbers and other home repair service vehicles can be attacked and suffer unexpected injury.

What Should You Do if you are Injured by a Dog Bite?

What Types of Injury are Covered Other Than Dog Bites?

There are too many specific types of injuries that are covered to list here, but many common injuries include:

  • Head trauma from falling backward and hitting your head on a sidewalk or floor
  • Broken Bones
  • Knee, Shoulder or Limb Injuries
  • Severe Scrapes and Lacerations Resulting in Scarring

In many cases, the primary impact may be psychological, especially in children. The trauma associated with a dog bite or for those who are injured when a dog attacked is recognized under California law as a form of Post Traumatic Stress.  The victim may lose their primary senses of security and well being.  Outgoing children may become frightened to visit public areas like the park or even to play in the neighborhood.  Adults are often diagnosed with anxiety and depression following a dog attack.

You Have the Right To Recover for Injured When a Dog Attacked

Victims of a dog attack injury are able to recover not only their medical expenses, but lost wages and compensation for the impact the attack has made. This includes the pain associated with the injuries and the process of recovery, physical therapy, emotional therapy and any other related expense.

My name is Rivers J. Morrell, III and I have helped victims of dog attacks as an injury attorney for more than 40 years. I understand the impact that this event has had upon your life, or the life of your child and I want to help.  If you or someone you love was injured during a dog attack I invite you to contact me office to schedule an appointment, or call 949-305-1400 to speak with me personally for a free consultation.

I work on a contingency fee basis, and there is no cost to you out of pocket. Let’s discuss what has happened, and all that I can do to help you to recover from this event and to have the resources and treatment required to heal and move forward with your life.

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