What Signs Should You Look for if You Suspect Senior Neglect?

Nursing home neglect in Orange County is becoming a bigger problem with each passing year.  We can’t be there to care for our beloved parents and grandparents personally, and when their care is neglected it offends us to the center of our core.  Most people conduct a thorough search and do their best to choose a facility that will provide the best possible care and environment for their family member. It usually begins as you start to notice specific patterns or just have a feeling that something is wrong with the nursing home’s care.  How can you be sure? What are the signs of nursing home neglect, and what should you be looking for?

Nursing Home Injury Setllement

Not every case of a fall in a nursing home, or the development of rashes or sores may rise to the level of “neglect”, but it certainly bears scrutiny. Nursing home neglect in Orange County occurs because many of our nursing homes and extended care facilities are understaffed and are not meeting the “standards of care” established by the State of California to protect our senior citizens. What are some of the clues you may notice?

Nursing Home Neglect in Orange County SignsSigns of neglect include, but are not limited to:

  • The development of substantial wounds, bedsores, bruises, or welts
  • Abnormal complexion or pale features
  • Broken personal items or damage to clothing
  • Torn or bloody clothing or bedding
  • Evidence of dirt on your loved one, or the presence of lice or fleas
  • Excessive heat or cold temperatures in their room
  • Allowing a patient to wander off, or finding them in an area where they normally wouldn’t be
  • Complaints from your loved one about yelling, threats or abusive treatment

Nursing home neglect in Orange County leaves a senior with few options. They are often unable to manage daily tasks such as going to the bathroom, bathing or simply changing into a fresh outfit on their own. Neglect threatens not only their daily quality of life, it endangers their personal health and increases the likelihood of a more serious development or serious injury resulting from a fall.

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