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Irvine is an affluent community of more than 250,000 people, and from time to time their dogs will unexpectedly attack and bite others resulting in injuries that can be quite severe. Even the dog’s owner never expects their pet to be capable of biting another person, but in my 40 years of experience as an injury lawyer I have experience in hundreds of cases just like that.  What can a seasoned and experienced dog bite lawyer in Irvine share with you that can help you or a family member who is bitten by a dog?

Dog Bite Attorney with 40+ Years Experience

It often begins with the innocence of child bending down to greet and pet what they assume to be a friendly dog. Perhaps the dog is startled or feels the need to protect its owner when it suddenly lashes out at the child leaving severe wounds on the face, arms, legs or torso.  Dog bite wounds can contain a lot of infection, and immediate medical attention and care is required.

If you are the parent of a child who was bitten, or the victim of an animal attack you are entitled to recover for your injuries and the costs associated with recovering from the trauma of what has happened.

What Should You Do if you are Injured by a Dog Bite?

Dog Bite Injuries Can Result in Permanent Damage and Scarring

By their nature, dog bite injuries leave tearing wounds that damage underlying nerves, ligaments and tendons. This can result in the loss of use or limited range of motion in fingers and hands and even an arm or a leg. These types of wounds also result in significant scarring that can affect the self esteem and comfort of young children, especially young girls and women.

Scars on the face, extremities, and torso can require multiple procedures and specialized plastic surgery to reduce or minimize the associated scarring. In addition to the physical wounds, victims of a dog bite or attack are often left with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They have been the victim of a violent attack and will often need treatment for depression, anxiety and social related fears involving things as simple as leaving the house.

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Holding The Owner Responsible in a Dog Bite or Attack in Irvine

California holds the owner of a dog or animal “strictly liable” for the behavior of their pet. It doesn’t matter if they are out for a walk, at home or in the house, or under the care of another person. Dog bite cases are covered by the homeowner’s policy of the dog owner.

Here in Irvine our citizens often have substantial resources and therefore carry an “umbrella” policy to protect them in liability cases. My name is Rivers J. Morrell III, and I have more than 40 years experience serving the citizens of Irvine and Orange county from my office located at 1920 Main Street Suite 1000, right off the 405 at MacArthur Blvd and Main Street, near the John Wayne airport.

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Contact an Experienced and Seasoned Dog Bite Attorney in Irvine

If you, your child or someone you love has been the victim of a dog bite or animal attack I invite you to call me at 949-263-2743 or contact me online to schedule a consultation. You will work with me personally throughout your case, and I will investigate all that has happened and work with you to hold the appropriate parties responsible and accountable.

I have handled hundreds of these types of cases, and understand the nuances and sensitivities involved. Often you know the owner of the dog as they may be neighbors, friends or even a family member. I will handle the manner in a professional and personal way to respect the relationships involved while working to protect you or your child so that you can recover from what has happened, and heal.

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