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Have you suffered from someone negligently transmitting an STD in Irvine or anywhere in Orange County or Los Angeles?  It is illegal here in Irvine, and across the State of California for someone to negligently transmit an STD to you without warning you in advance that they are a carrier of a sexually transmitted disease.  This relates to all STDs, but locally is more prevalent in cases involving HIV, Herpes and Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

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In recent years the number of Irvine residents that carry an STD has steadily increased, and in my office at 1920 Main Street Suite 1000, I have been handling more and more of these types of cases. The office is conveniently located right off the 405 at MacArthur Blvd and Main Street, near the John Wayne airport.

My name is Rivers Morrell and I have more than 40 years of proven experience and success in cases like yours. If you were transmitted an STD by a celebrity, athlete, business owner, professional, executive, clergy or any other substantial individual, I can help.

Helping my clients to move from a place of hopelessness to a place of empowerment is one of the most important and fulfilling aspects of my work as an STD transmission civil attorney. My clients enjoy the easy, direct access to me through texts, emails and cell phone calls – or a visit to my offices. They appreciate the manner with which I protect their dignity and privacy, while resolving their case to provide the financial resources needed to manage the impact of herpes and move forward positively with their life.

I invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and the legal industry as well as the successful verdicts and settlements I have achieved at trial on behalf of my clients, and

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$10 Million STD Client PaymentHear From Two Actual Clients About Their Journey Through STD Transmission

These are genuine real life clients (not actors) who wanted to share their stories to help others who are facing questions regarding STD transmission, and why it is important to seek help:

Negligently transmitting an STD in Irvine or anywhere in Orange County or Los Angeles without warning can leave a person feeling humiliated and powerless. Many clients are worried that they will be able to win their case, and most are enduring pressure and intimidation tactics threatening things like “it’s your word against mine”, and “I have the best lawyers money can buy”. It doesn’t matter if you contracted the STD from someone famous, such as a local broadcaster, professional athlete, screen actor, performing artist, or even a professor at UC Irvine. My clients are happy to learn that it’s not only possible to succeed, but that I’ve already done so in several other STD cases similar to theirs.


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You Can Absolutely Win an STD Case

Most clients are a bit embarrassed by the situation, and have suffered from the bullying tactics of the other party. We can work together to establish proof that you contracted the disease from a specific person, and hold them financially accountable.

My name is Rivers J. Morrell III, and I’ve been helping victims of those who negligently transmitting an STD in Irvine or anywhere in Orange County or Los Angeles and other injury cases for more than 40 years. Together, we will stand up and hold the person who gave you the STD accountable for what has happened, and the impact it will have on you in the coming months and years. You will feel much better after speaking with me, and the initial consultation is strictly confidential and doesn’t cost you anything.

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It is important to take action quickly after learning that you have contracted Herpes, HPV or another STD. In California there is a short statute of limitations in which to bring your case, so I invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and the legal industry and or contact me online to schedule a consultation. You will speak with me personally and privately, and I will help you to hold the celebrity or person who gave you an STD accountable.

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