Experienced Attorney Handling Auto Insurance Issues After an Accident

Even a minor car accident can leave you facing serious injuries and losses. Though auto insurance is designed to help in these situations, dealing with insurance companies can be extremely difficult. The situation can be made worse if the person who hit you and is at fault for the accident does not have auto insurance or enough insurance to cover your losses. At this point, you may find yourself asking, “What now?”

You are not alone in the fight to get the auto insurance coverage and compensation you deserve. At my office, clients trust me, attorney Rivers J. Morrell III with their auto accident and insurance issues. I do not believe that insurance companies or their agents do a thorough job explaining the details of uninsured (UM)/underinsured motorist coverage (UIM). As a result, I take the time to go through every aspect of this type of coverage to ensure you fully understand how it applies in your situation.

If someone does not want UM/UIM coverage, the auto insurance company must obtain a signed waiver from that individual stating that he or she specifically declined the coverage. If someone does obtain the coverage, UM coverage limits are the same as UIM coverage.

Accidents Involving Uninsured Drivers

It is the law in California that all drivers carry minimal amount of liability insurance. This doesn’t protect them, but rather protects other drivers in the event that there is an accident. When a negligent driver causes an accident, and is uninsured, the injured parties still have rights. Your own UM coverage is designed to prevent you from shouldering the entire burden of your losses.

In the event that your injuries and personal losses exceed the amount of auto insurance coverage that the negligent driver held, your own insurance policy can be consulted. If you have UIM coverage, your insurer will be making up some of the difference between what the negligent driver’s insurance covers and the amount of your losses. Your recovery is dependent on the limits of your UIM coverage, so this is unique to each of our clients.

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