When a Dog Bite in Irvine Results in an Injury

Irvine is a unique planned city where the vast majority of its citizens own their homes and the value of those homes is substantial.  When a dog bite in Irvine results in an injury (or anywhere here in Orange County) we have a much greater opportunity to make things right for the victim than other areas of the State. California dog owners are held to a standard of “strict liability” when they attack or bite another causing injuries.  The primary source of recovery for the treatment of injuries that come out of a dog attack is homeowners or renter’s insurance.  In Irvine, the value of the property and quality of the neighborhoods ensures that almost all dog owners are well insured, and this allows the victim to financially recover for the injuries and trauma they’ve been forced to endure. Dog bite injuries can be quite quite severe, and leave irregular wounds that

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DUI Drivers who Cause Fatal Accidents are Liable for Wrongful Death

drunk employee leaves a work party and causes an injury accident

DUI drivers who cause fatal accidents are liable for wrongful death in the State of California.  The family of the victim is able to hold the DUI driver financially liable for the loss of their family member by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Fatal DUI accidents generate two forms of court actions: criminal and civil.  The criminal case may often need to be tried or settled first.  This strategy removes all doubt about the facts in the civil wrongful death action and serves to establish in court the evidence that will serve as the backbone for the civil wrongful death case.  However, criminal actions can take months and in some cases years.  The family cannot and should not wait to file the wrongful death lawsuit, although they may need to await the outcome of the associated criminal case. After more than 40 years of experience with wrongful death cases in

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Failure to Yield in a Mission Viejo Intersection

The failure to yield in a Mission Viejo intersection

The failure to yield in a Mission Viejo intersection can result in serious injuries for Orange County drivers.  Intersection accidents and failure to yield injury cases are becoming more common each year here the Mission Viejo and across Southern California.  According to the California Highway Patrol distracted driving and cell phone use has never been higher and contributes to an increasing number of serious injuries each year.  These distractions are leading to a greater number of accidents in Orange County intersections. For example, you arrive at a four-way stop and bring your vehicle to a smooth halt.  You wait your turn, and as you enter the intersection you are broadsided by a driver who ran the stop sign or failed to yield the right of way. Many intersections across Orange county are obviously controlled by traffic lights.  However, the discretion of how to handle a yellow light is left to

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