An Orange County Injury Car Accident Requires an Experienced Attorney

An Orange County Injury Car Accident Requires an Experienced Attorney

Did you know that an Orange County injury car accident requires an experienced personal injury attorney?  Orange County is one of the most populated counties in the state of California. This density of people and workers has created a high number of commuting motorists, which has translated into a high number of car accidents and injuries each year. Many major freeways such as the I-405, I-91, and I-5 intersect the county, and these freeways are a major location for the high number of car accidents that occur.  If you are injured in an Orange County car accident we can help.

When people are involved in a car accident, the first response is to be shocked. Next, they seek medical attention for themselves and any injured passengers in the accident. After the initial shock has worn off, and all of their medical needs are attended too, people begin the contentious and protracted process of filing an insurance claim. It is truly important for any injured accident victim to understand the importance and value an experienced attorney like Rivers Morrell, can bring to their personal injury insurance claims.

An Insurance company’s main goal is to minimize their exposure to claims, and therefore pay as low as possible in order to settle insurance claims. An insurance adjuster’s primary job is based on negotiating settlements for as low as possible. And many insurance adjusters are quite good at their job.  This is why an Orange County injury car accident requires an experienced attorney.  How will you know if you are being fully and fairly compensated for all of your past, present and future medical needs, lost wages and the painful impact injuries will have upon your life in the future?

For this reason, it is important to have an experienced lawyer in your corner. Skillful attorneys are experienced in dealing with insurance companies and adjusters to get the best value for your claims. However, not all attorneys are made equal. Many attorneys lack the necessary experience and trial skills to ensure the insurance company acts in a fair and just manner. In fact, many attorneys have never seen the inside of a courtroom or handled a jury trial to completion.

Insurance companies keep records on every attorney.  They know who has the legal knowledge and trial skills to stand up for a just and fair settlement and those attorneys who will take a much lower offer than is reasonable or fair.

At the Law Firm of Rivers Morrell, we have experienced attorneys who have years of experience litigating cases from inception all the way to successful jury trials and verdicts.  We have the ability to negotiate and fight for your claims regardless of what the insurance companies present as a defense.

Do you want a fair and just settlement of your injury claim?  The insurance agent or adjuster has one goal: pay the lowest possible amount to settle your claim.  The skilled attorneys at the Law Firm of Rivers Morrell also have one goal: to achieve full, fair compensation for our clients as provided for by California law.

If you have been involved in an Orange County car accident, motorcycle accident, or pedestrian injury accident, we invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and the legal industry as well as our successful verdicts and settlements and contact Rivers Morrell or call today to speak with Rivers personally for a free, substantive consultation at (949) 305-1400. We are experienced personal injury attorneys and a law firm that is known for achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.

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