CDC to Study the Rise in E-Scooter Injuries

CDC to Study the Rise in E-Scooter Injuries

What is causing the CDC to study the rise in e-scooter injuries across the nation?  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has begun the inaugural study on electric scooter or e-scooter injury.  The city of Austin, Texas Public Health and Transportation Departments requested help evaluating the challenge of a rapidly rising number of e-scooter related injuries and injury claims.

E-scooter companies such as Lime and Bird are supporting the CDC study.  The initial data results have already provided some valuable insights:

  • Most e-scooter accidents resulting in injury do not involve other vehicles
  • Most e-scooter riders involved in accidents were not wearing a helmet, often resulting in head trauma
  • almost half of the riders in injury accidents had a blood alcohol content above the legal limit

The ease of use and availability as well as the relatively low cost of e-scooters has resulted in a rapid increase in the numbers of scooters located here in Los Angeles and throughout Orange County and all of Southern California.  Unfortunately, the e-scooters can obtain a relatively high rate of speed quite quickly and riders do not have to have any form of experience or training before rental.  The e-scooters are located in areas where there tend to be a lot of pedestrians.  The natural resulting clash of pedestrians and e-scooter related accidents and injuries has resulted in a large number of personal injury claims causing the CDC to study the rise in e-scooter injuries and related causes.

A victim in the study called the scooters “little weapons” while an emergency room doctor has labeled e-scooters as “disruptive technology.”  The CDC is working with Austin city officials to oversee the investigation.  “We want to identify the risk factors for those who get injured, how severe the injuries are and why they’re getting hurt.”

The University of San Diego Medical Center has tracked severe injury and trauma cases based upon admittance to their care since September of 2017.  They report 42 scooter related injuries in the past year.

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