Herniated Discs and Other Back Injuries are Common in Mission Viejo Motorcycle Accidents

Herniated Discs and Other Back Injuries are Common

Herniated discs and other back injuries are common in Mission Viejo motorcycle accidents.  Many motorcyclists wear protective clothing with Kevlar armor and a helmet.  This is not the same as being protected by the layers of metal, airbags and other safety features of a motor vehicles.  Unfortunately, this leaves a motorcyclist’s back quite vulnerable to injury in any motorcycle accident.

The vertebrae of your spinal column are separated by fluid-filled discs which provide a cushion between each vertebra.  They help to protect the spinal column.  The forces associated with a motorcycle accident can result in small micro-tears in these discs, commonly referred to as herniations.  Once a disc is ruptured in an accident, the internal fluid slowly begins to leak out over a period of days, weeks or even months.

Ultimately herniated discs the vertebrae to rub up against one another causing irritation and small alignment issues which cause pressure to the spinal column and the surrounding nerves.  In addition to immobilizing pain, these back and neck injuries can result in numbness and weakness in your extremities.

Herniated discs are often treated with substantial pain killers, treatments designed to supplant the support previously supplied by the discs and in many cases surgery.

While herniated discs and other back injuries are common in motorcycle accidents insurance companies often attempt to minimize the scope of the problem and the long-term financial consequences of the treatments injury victims will require in the future.  They will point to the relatively low cost of the medical bills and attempt to get you to accept a much lower injury settlement than you deserve.

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