Irvine Car Accident and Injury Lawyer

Irvine Car Accident and Injury Attorney

What should you look for in an Irvine car accident and injury lawyer?  What process should you use to choose an experienced and proven injury attorney?  The short answer to these questions is experience, a proven and successful trial record including substantial verdicts, and the recommendations of clients, other injury attorneys and the legal industry.

We asked a client, a Marine Corps Captain, to describe the process he used to select a personal injury attorney after sustaining serious injuries in a local motorcycle accident.  He listed several qualities including honesty, experience and skill.  “You don’t want to be a David going up against Goliath” (the adjusters and attorneys of the insurance companies).  Watch his video “How Should You Select and Injury Attorney,” and learn some valuable insights from someone who has been through the process of recovering from serious injuries after an accident.

My name is Rivers Morrell and I have served as an Irvine car accident and injury lawyer for more than 40 years.  I spent much of my first 20 years representing the major insurance companies.  I know their tactics and strategies.  I can also tell you they keep close records on all personal injury attorneys.  They know which attorneys can successfully put an injury case before a jury and those who have never achieved a verdict.  Not all injury attorneys are alike.  If an attorney will not put your case before a jury and achieve a successful verdict the insurance company has no reason to offer the maximum settlement available.

I invite you to review some of my significant verdicts and settlements, as well as the recommendations of fellow attorneys, the legal industry and the reviews of our clients.  If you are seeking an experienced Irvine car accident and injury lawyer contact my office or call and speak with me personally for a free consultation at (949) 305-1400.  If you have been in an Irvine car accident resulting in injuries I can and will help you.


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