Update: Will Farrell OK After His Mission Viejo Car Accident

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Update: Will Farrell is OK after his Mission Viejo Car Accident a month ago – but 4 were injured in his black Lincoln SUV when it was struck by a driver who fell asleep on I-5 near La Paz.  Mr. Farrell and 2 others who were wearing seat belts were injured in the accident.  A fourth occupant of the vehicle, Mr. Farrell’s assistant, was not wearing a seat belt and suffered serious injuries in the accident.  The black SUV Mr. Farrell was riding in was travelling north in the HOV lane on I-5 near the La Paz exit.  Mr. Farrell was returning from an event in North County San Diego when the driver of a Toyota evidently fell asleep and ran into the back of the Black Lincoln SUV.  The SUV was forced into the center wall and flipped injuring all 4 occupants.

We are glad to hear that Mr. Farrell was released the next day and wish him and all in this accident a full and speedy recovery.  Many will be sore for days or weeks after such an accident.  In cases such as these it is not unusual for additional symptoms to appear several weeks down the road.  For example, small tears in the discs supporting vertebrae in the back and neck can take weeks to develop painful symptoms.  There has not been any update on his assistant Carolina, and we wish her well in her recovery.  SUV rollovers often involve passengers who are not wearing seat belts, and this can often result in more serious injuries including broken bones and fractures, as well as serious head trauma including Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI.

This is why it is important to speak with an experienced Mission Viejo car accident attorney immediately following any accident.  We provide a free and comprehensive consultation and ensure you take the actions necessary to protect your health such as seeing a physician in the hours immediately following an accident.  We are glad Will Farrell is OK after his Mission Viejo car accident and wish all involved a full and speedy recovery.

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