Truck Accident Injury Claims are Legally Complex

truck accident cases are legally complex

Truck accident injury claims are legally complex in California.  They require an attorney with extensive experience, trial skill and the resources to stand up to insurance companies and their teams of attorneys.   Commercial truck drivers, the vehicles themselves and the companies which employ the driver and own the truck carry multiple layers of insurance.  These commercial insurance companies are represented by experienced insurance adjusters backed by large legal teams who who work aggressively to reduce the exposure of their clients and the amount they must offer you to settle a truck accident and injury related claim. Truck accidents involving a well known company usually involve a policy on the truck itself and the driver, as well as separate liability umbrella policies for the company who owns or leases the truck.  My name is Rivers Morrell, and I have more than 40 years of experience in truck accident and injury cases. 

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Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse in Orange County

Nursing Home Injury Rates are Increasing in Orange County

Nursing home neglect and abuse in Orange County can result in personal injury liability under California law.  What are some of the most important signs of nursing home neglect and abuse?  You and your family should be concerned by: Dehydration – the failure to provide consistent fluids such as water, coffee, tea and juices is one sign of nursing home neglect and abuse.  Your loved one will show symptoms of dehydration such as dark urine or difficulty with urination, dry and dark sunken eyes which aren’t as moist as usual, headaches, mouth dryness and thickened saliva.  Additional symptoms can include convulsions, low blood pressure, severe cramping, as well as rapid breathing and pulse. Sedation / Overmedication – Sedation and over-medication is a common strategy which allows the staff of a nursing home or extended care facility to make less regular visits to your loved one’s room to check on and care

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What Legal Recourse Do You Have if You Lose a Loved One in a Fatal Accident?

Experienced Wrongful Death Attorney

What legal recourse do you have if you lose a loved one in a fatal accident?  Losing a family member suddenly in a fatal accident is one of the most shocking and heartbreaking experiences a family can go through.  We are sure you are experiencing a complex range of emotions.  California law specifies a loss of life due to another’s negligence as a “wrongful death.” The sudden pain and loss associated with a wrongful death is accompanied with a natural inclination to seek justice.  Your family will ultimately have to decide if they wish to consider taking legal action against the person or persons who are responsible for the accident. This is often an issue of timing.  Here in California there is a statute of limitations which requires your family to reach the decision to file a wrongful death action in a limited amount of time. My name is Rivers Morrell,

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Injuries from a Fall in an Orange County Nursing Home

Nursing Home Fall Injury Attorney

Are you concerned about a beloved family member who suffered injuries from a fall in an Orange County nursing home?  How can this happen and who will hold them accountable for these serious injuries? The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) noted in a recent study the risk of a fall resulting in a potentially serious injury at a nursing home or skilled nursing facility was quite high.  The CDC provide statistics which showed an average of 2 to 3 falls for every bed in these facilities each year.  A broken pelvis and serious head and brain injuries are the most common injuries from a fall in an Orange County nursing home.  Head injury is the also the most likely reason for an accidental or wrongful death in skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes throughout California. It is quite shocking to learn in the CDC report 27% of the falls

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