Car Accident in Brea Overturns Two Vehicles

Late Monday night a car accident in Brea overturns two vehicles. The accident occurred at 6500 Carbon Canyon Road when the two vehicles collided. One person remained trapped in their car and the Fire Department had to be called in order to extricate them from the vehicle. Two individuals involved in the accident were transported to a local area hospital with complaints of injuries. Authorities are still investigating the circumstances of the accident.

Accidents like this are a firm reminder of why it is important to always wear a safety-belt when inside of a moving vehicle. Without the protection of a safety belt, vehicle occupants can be thrown from overturned vehicles and sustain serious injuries. Furthermore, many people that are involved in car accidents that fail to wear safety-belts may strike their face and body with the interiors of the vehicles from head on crashes. Safety-belts prevent these types of injuries.

However, even while wearing safety belts, car accidents can still cause a multitude of injuries including neck strain/sprain, back strain/sprain, contusions, and broken bones.  For any injuries sustained in an automobile accident, it is important to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to determine all of your available options. Many people that choose to make their own insurance claims without the assistance of an attorney may lose value for many of their claims, and get taken advantage of by shrewd insurance adjusters whose primary objective is to provide the lowest settlements possible.

When a car accident in Brea overturns two vehicles, or for any of the reasons above, if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident please feel free to contact the Law Firm of Rivers Morrell for a free consultation at (949)305-1400. Our experienced attorneys will work tirelessly to get you the highest value for your personal injury claims.

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