Car and Truck Accidents on the I-5 with Injury in San Clemente

The I-5 corridor through San Clemente is a stretch known for rapid deceleration that leads to car and truck accidents on the I-5 with injury.  The hilly terrain of the region creates an “accordion” effect of traffic quickly slowing and compacting, and then rapidly accelerating and expanding.  Northbound vehicles are coming through Camp Pendleton and a relatively calm stretch with clear visibility and spectacular views.  San Clemente quickly brings your attention back into focus as driving behaviors tend to become erratic.

San Clemente is the southernmost point of Orange County, and the I-5 corridor is a heavily traveled artery that connects Los Angeles to San Diego.  Entering the city from the south, drivers are coming out of the lull of the scenic beauty just to the south, and are beginning to reach for their cell phones to email and text.  This distracted driving combined with the pockets of deceleration creates dangerous conditions that often lead to accidents with injury.

These types of injuries often find a vehicle traveling at speed making a rear-end collision into the car in front of them resulting in serious injuries to the occupants of both vehicles.  The forces involved in a rear-end collision snap the head and neck back unexpectedly, and if your vehicle comes into contact with a car in front of you the forces can whip your body in another direction.  Chain reaction accidents on the I-5 have often resulted in head injury, back injury and even fatal outcomes.

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