Dog Bite Injuries in Mission Viejo

Have you, a child or a loved one suffered dog bite injuries in Mission Viejo or southern Orange County?  Rivers Morrell is a Mission Viejo dog bite injury attorney with more than 40 years of experience.  We understand the nature of dog bite injuries and the long term impact these types of injuries can have upon a child or adult.  Dog bites are tearing actions which leave irregular wounds which often result in severe scarring.  Several plastic surgeries may be required to reduce the visibility of scars, especially when the injuries are to the face, hands and arms or torso of the victim.

Dog bite injuries often result in damage to underlying tendons, muscles and ligaments affecting mobility or range of motion.  It may be necessary to ensure physical therapy or occupational therapy is considered by the insurance company as part of the settlement.

In many cases there is also significant emotional impact and victims of dog bites often experience post traumatic stress, especially children.  Once outgoing personalities may develop new concerns about being out in public, going to parks and playgrounds and other areas where dogs are present.  Any settlement or verdict should ensure the psychological impact of these injuries is addressed as well as the physical injuries.

California law provides strict liability for all pet owners.  Dog bite injuries in Mission Viejo are covered by the homeowners insurance or renters insurance of the dog’s owner.  We are very sensitive to the fact that many dog bite victims know the dog who bit them and are often friends, neighbors or family members of the dog’s owner.  We work to maximize the insurance recovery to cover the medical bills and other financial impact of recovery from a dog bite.  We work to preserve the underlying relationships while ensuring our clients interests are protected.

If you or one of your family have suffered dog bite injuries in Mission Viejo we invite you to review the recommendations of our clients and contact us for a free consultation at 949-273-2693.