An Intersection Car Accident Can Result in Serious and Permanent Injuries

California Comparative Fault for Car Accidents

Be very cautious whenever you enter an intersection while you are driving.  According to the California highway patrol an intersection car accident can result in serious and permanent injuries.

The CHP accident and injury statistics show intersections are one of the most common locations of a car, truck or motorcycle accident here in Southern California.  Many of the most serious car accidents in Mission Viejo, Irvine and across Orange County occur at intersections.  Drivers often don’t “see” oncoming motorcycles or vehicles and fail to yield on a left hand turn.  They may be distracted by texts or emails on their cell phone and are not therefore paying enough attention as they approach and enter an intersection.

The next thing you know you have been broadsided or are involved in a head-on accident even though you were clearly operating your vehicle in a conscientious and safe manner.  Intersection accidents leave serious injuries such as severe head trauma and Traumatic Brain Injury, serious neck and/or spine injuries and many broken bones and fractures.  In some cases these injuries result in a limited range of motion or permanent paralysis.

Serious injuries often require multiple medical procedures over a long period of time.  The resulting scarring and disfigurement may require multiple plastic surgeries to reduce the visible aspects of your injuries.  It may be necessary to make modifications so that you have access to your home, or are able to drive a car.

Many drivers do not consider the dangers associated with intersections.  They do not realize an intersection car accident can result in serious and permanent injuries.

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