Road Rash Injuries in an Irvine Motorcycle Accident

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Unlike many areas of the country, motorcycling in Southern California is possible and practical year round.  Unfortunately this means an increase in motorcycle accidents resulting in serious injuries.  While many of these accidents result in broken bones and fractures or more serious injuries most will include “road rash.”  Road rash injuries in an Irvine motorcycle accident occur when an individual suffers extensive abrasions during the course of an accident.

The heat and friction between the motorcyclist and the road can remove several layers of skin and sometimes even deeper layers of tissue.  Although most road rash will thankfully usually heal within just a few weeks, other cases will require more extensive medical treatment, including the potential for skin grafting.

One of the primary concerns with road rash injuries in a motorcycle accident is infection.  Even those who are treated in a medical setting and take proper care of their injuries can develop a severe infection.  Road rash may seem to may to be a relatively minor injury, but it is extremely painful and can be expensive to treat, especially when operations are required to repair the extent of these injuries.  In severe cases, road rash can leave permanent disfigurement.

This is why it is important to work with the experienced motorcycle accident and injury attorneys at The Law Firm of Rivers J Morrell.  We will hold the responsible driver and their insurance company financially accountable for what has happened to you.  We work aggressively to achieve a successful verdict or settlement in your case which provides the resources you need to fully recover from what has happened and move forward with your life.

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