Nursing Home Injury or Neglect and Abuse in Orange County

Nursing Home Injury and Abuse in Anaheim

Recently, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released a study which reached a very concerning conclusion.  The study showed the majority of US nursing homes are overstating their staffing in an attempt to increase the ratings for their nursing home.  CMS provides a five star rating system for nursing homes which is designed to help your family to make an informed decision when selecting a provider for your loved one’s care.  Nursing homes are required by federal law to report many data points to the government including (but not limited to) the number of nurses, number of caretakers as well as the number of overall employees.

CMS is now using actual payroll data to adjust their ratings based upon actual employment figures.  Understaffing increases the patient care burden on all medical professionals and caretakers within a facility.  The new system is designed to help reduce false reporting to aid in your family’s investigation of a suitable care facility for an elderly loved one.

If you or your loved one have suffered a nursing home injury or neglect and abuse in Orange County we can help you to hold them accountable, and recover a financial settlement that will provide better care for your loved one.  Injuries from falls and drops include head trauma, broken hips, legs and arms.  If your family has a loved one in a nursing home and you are concerned about abuse or negligence we invite you review the strong recommendations of former clients and the legal industry and contact the Law Firm of Rivers Morrell or call us for a free consultation at 949-305-1400.

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