Transmitting HIV or any other STD Without Warning is A Civil Code Violation

Transmitting HIV, AIDS or any other STD without providing an intimate partner without warning is a civil code violation in California.  It is possible to hold a partner financially responsible for transmitting HIV, AIDS or an STD and our office has extensive experience and expertise in these cases.  Obviously, the person transmitting the disease must be a person of substance to justify legal action.  If you are given an STD by a medical professional, TV personality, professional athlete, celebrity or other person of substance we invite you to contact us for a free, private and confidential consultation at (949)305-1400.

Charlie Sheen accused people of extortion when they approached him about legal action for transmitting HIV.  This is not the case.  It is not extortion to recover for the financial impact of transmitting an STD without advance warning.  You have been injured, and you will require medical attention for the rest of your life.  This development can have a profound impact on you emotionally and socially.  We help clients to hold responsible parties accountable.  It is not unusual for my clients to feel embarrassed or ashamed in our original conversation.  However, this is an empowering process, and we are able to help our clients to recover peace of mind and hope for the future.

I invite you to review the comments of my former clients, peers and the recommendations of the legal industry.  If you have received HIV, AIDS or another STD from a substantive partner without warning we can help.

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