Transmitting an STD such as HIV without Warning can Create a Civil Liability

Transmitting an STD such as HIV without Warning

Transmitting an STD such as HIV without warning to your partner can create a civil in California.  If the person who gave you HIV is a person of substance or financial means we are able to hold them financially accountable in a civil action to ensure that you have the resources necessary to seek the treatments and medication you will require to battle HIV.  HIV cases are on the rise in Southern California, and there have been several notable cases involving celebrities in the news recently.  HIV is indiscriminate, and affects all walks of life and all professions including doctors, business owners, college professors, TV personalities and even members of the clergy.  If you were not warned by your partner in advance of intimate contact by a person of substance and have been diagnosed with HIV we can help.

We can hold them responsible for the extensive medical treatment associated with the treatment of HIV.  Fortunately this disease is not as fatal as it once was if you have access to the appropriate treatment and medication and make significant changes in your lifestyle.  There is a heavy cost associated with this, and our firm has successfully helped many clients with an STD to prove the source of their infection, and to hold them financially accountable for what has happened.  There is hope.

My name is Rivers Morrell, and I have more than 40 years of experience in injury cases including transmitting an STD such as HIV without warning.  I understand all of the emotions and concerns that race through your mind, and I want to help.  Transmitting an STD such as HIV without warning is serious business, and you need an attorney with a strong track record of success in these cases as well as the expertise and trial experience to protect your interests.

I invite you to review the strong recommendations of former clients and the legal industry and contact us or call to speak with me personally for a free, private and confidential consultation at (949) 305-1400.

There is no cost to you out of pocket for our representation as we work on a contingency fee basis.  I will help you to regain some control in your life, and work to help you to receive the resources necessary to work through this challenge, and move forward with your life.


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