Bankruptcy of Orange County Nursing Home Chain Still Affects Residents

The February bankruptcy of Orange County nursing home chain, North American Health care Inc., still has a lingering affect on its patients and residents. The former nursing home, which used to operate more than 30 nursing homes in the Southern California area, was involved in numerous lawsuits against it for its sub-standard and negligence toward the treatment of residents.

The numerous lawsuits lingered over North American Health Care Inc., and the prospects of huge settlements and judgments eventually forced the company to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, in an effort to avoid this litigation. Typically, when a company files for bankruptcy, creditors must seek relief in bankruptcy court, and all normal legal actions (including lawsuits against the nursing homes) are stayed pending the bankruptcy filing.

Litigation against nursing homes for injuries or neglect is already complex enough, and it is highly recommended to seek legal advice from an experienced attorney before pursuing a case against a nursing home or hospital. For a free consultation to discuss your claims, please feel free to contact the Law Firm of Rivers J. Morrell for a free consultation.

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