The Driver Who Caused the Accident Has No Insurance

Driver Who Caused the Accident Has No Insurance

What should you do if the driver who caused the accident has no insurance coverage?  Unfortunately, even though California has minimum insurance requirements for all drivers there are many accidents where available insurance will not cover the extent of your injuries.  What will pay for your medical bills, lost income from missed work and any long term effects or impact of a motor vehicle accident injury when the driver has little or no insurance or in a hit and run accident?

The answer to these questions is known as “UM/UIM insurance.”  What is UM/UIM and would you be surprised to learn you probably already have this valuable form of insurance?

Uninsured Motorist / Under Insured Motorist or UM/UIM is a portion of your own automobile insurance coverage.  My name is Rivers Morrell and for more than 40 years I’ve recommended all California drivers to maximize the amount of UM/UIM coverage under their car insurance policy.  UM/UIM is one of the least expensive forms of insurance you can purchase and provides important coverage if the driver who caused the accident has no insurance or hit and run accidents, as well as when you are walking, running or even riding a bicycle.

Our clients repeatedly tell us filing a UM/UIM claim is a disappointing and upsetting experience.  Many of these clients have actually been quite surprised by the treatment they receive from their own insurance company when they called to discuss their valid UM/UIM claim.  Your own insurance company will work against your best interests, attempting to get you to settle this claim quickly and for far less than you are entitled to under California law.  You have always paid your premiums on time, and when you actually need to file a valid claim they give you a hard time.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident and/or the driver who caused the accident has no insurance we invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and the legal industry and contact us or call 949-305-1400 to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney for a free consultation today.


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