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According to the Centers for Disease Control or CDC the rate of HIV transmission in Los Angeles and throughout California is on the rise after decades of decline.  The most recent analysis says the average Californian has a 1 in 102 chance of testing positive for HIV in their lifetime.  This is much higher than most Californians realize, and it is important to have the conversation.  The national conversation about Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs has dimmed somewhat over the past several years, at a time when STD and HIV transmission rates are climbing.  Here in California, and in most of the nation, it is a civil code violation to have intimate contact with a partner without advance warning if you know you have tested positive for HIV or any other STD.

What is your legal recourse if you have received HIV from a partner?  If the person who gave you HIV is a person of substance or has financial resources there is a lot you can accomplish.  For example, those who have dated professional athletes, actors or actresses, TV and media celebrities are at a higher risk than many segments of the population.  It is absolutely possible to receive an STD from a person you thought was quite credible, such as a member of the clergy or even one of your college professors.  When this happens, the shock and violation of trust is immeasurable.  We have helped many people who have received HIV or another STD from someone they thought would never have an STD.

We understand the hopelessness and fear that you might feel.  Many of our STD clients have shared a sense of shame and concern about how they will ever be able to attract a partner now that they carry an STD.  This simply isn’t true.  There is hope.  It is absolutely possible to prove the source of an STD, and to hold that person financially accountable for what has happened.  Victims of HIV transmission in Los Angeles and throughout California will require medication for life, constant medical supervision and professional counseling.  The State of California understands the emotional impact this will have upon your life, and the challenges you will face from this point forward.  It is absolutely possible to hold a person who transmits an STD accountable for their actions.

I invite you to read the comments of my STD clients, and learn about the new hope they have as a result of working with my law firm, and me personally.  My name is Rivers Morrell, and after more than 40 years of experience in California injury cases I can tell you that our work together will help you to receive the important medicines and treatments you need, the support necessary to deal with what has happened and the strength to move forward in a positive way with your life.  If you are the victim of an STD or HIV transmission in Los Angeles from a person of substance I invite you to call me personally for a free, private and confidential consultation at (949) 305-1400.

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