If You Receive HIV Without Advance Warning from a Celebrity or Person of Means You Can Hold Them Responsible

The recent case of Charlie Sheen is still fresh in everyone’s mind.  It still surprises me that celebrities and people of substance fail to understand the responsibility they carry when they enter a new physical relationship after learning of their own HIV infection.  California law requires anyone with HIV, or any Sexually Transmitted Disease or STD, to notify all potential intimate partners before any physical contact occurs.  The failure to do so opens them to exposure under the law, including financial responsibility for all past, present and future medical bills and the impact that carrying an infection such as HIV will have upon the life of a person who received an STD without notice or warning.  If you receive HIV without advance warning from an intimate partner of means you can hold them accountable.

HIV infection rates are beginning to climb again according to the Centers for Disease Control or CDC.  The most recent numbers show that more than 1 million Americans are HIV positive, and 12% do not yet know it.  This is no longer a disease that is associated with lifestyle or even geographical location.  HIV rates among celebrities, professional athletes, college professors, business owners and even clergy continues to rise.

If you have received HIV without advance warning from a partner of means, we invite you to call us for a free, private and confidential consultation at (949) 305-1400.  We have helped many STD victims to take control of their lives, and to have the benefit of resources with which to battle and control their STD, and limit the impact the disease may have upon their health.

The social impact of an STD can be quite profound as well.  I invite you to read the recommendations of our STD clients who, perhaps just like you, were a bit overwhelmed by the developments in their personal lives, and the hopelessness they initially felt.  In their own words lies the hope you might need at this moment.  There is a good path forward, and a lot of enjoyable life ahead of you.

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