Dog Bite Statistics in Orange County and Across the US

Dog bite statistics in Orange County and across the US show the number of dog bites continues to increase, often resulting in injuries requiring medical treatment and plastic surgery.  Here in Orange County, we average 3 to 5 reported dog bites each and every day.  Many more go unreported according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  We have provided statistics that reflect a summary of dog bite information, as well as particular data for Orange County California documenting the number of bites each day, as well as bites reported by breed.

If you are considering a new family pet, you may wish to review the information contained within our dog bite section to learn more about the types of breeds who are more likely to bite, and the types of injuries that result.  We have shared recommendations for how to treat a dog bite, however, it is always important to seek immediate medical attention whenever a person or child is bitten by a dog.  One of the most common medical concerns in a dog bite case is the development of infection, and most physicians suggest rinsing the affected area(s) with warm soapy water.

Dog owners in California should realize that any breed can and will bite, and the circumstances are usually rapid to develop and completely unexpected.  The dog bite statistics in Orange County and across the US help a person to understand the likelihood of a dog bite with injury.  After more than 40 years of experience in these types of cases, I can tell you that one of the first phrases you will hear from a dog owner (and often repeated) is “he/she has never bitten anyone before!”  It is as much about circumstances, and the state of the animal as it is about breed and tendencies.  Dog owners in California are held to a legal standard of “strict liability” for the financial impact of injuries caused by their pet.  If you own a dog, you should absolutely seek out homeowners or renters insurance that provides liability coverage for your pet.  This may be your only protection.

We invite you to browse the comprehensive information contained in our new dog bite information center, and hope that you find the information to be interesting, informative and helpful.

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