The Importance of a Personal Injury Attorney For Your Insurance Claim

attorney for your insurance claim

What is the importance of a personal injury attorney for your insurance claim?  Why do you need an experienced injury lawyer to handle negotiations with the insurance company?  After getting into an automobile accident, some people try to handle their own injury claims with the insurance company. They feel that they don’t need an attorney to negotiate their claim, and can do it all themselves.  “How hard can it be?” they figure. Unfortunately, there is much more to an insurance claim, than simply negotiating the amount of settlement.

Most people are unaware that their health insurance, and/or medical providers can have claims for reimbursement for any services they have rendered due to the personal injury claim. They can have a lien for services that must be paid back once the personal injury claim is settled out. Most people believe that once they have settled their claim and gotten paid by the insurance company, that they are able to keep all the money. They will be disappointed to find out that they will owe their health insurance and hospital providers money for services they provided due to the accident.  The importance of a personal injury attorney for your insurance claim is directly related to money out of your pocket.

Without an attorney the settlement with your insurance company will all go straight to your insurance and health providers.

There are many laws regarding these claims for reimbursement. Whether the insurance plan is an ERISA plan (a health plan through your employer), medicare, medi-cal, or some other form of health insurance will affect the amount of the lien and/or reimbursement owed to them.  Insurance companies will negotiate with attorneys.  They will not negotiate with individuals.  They simply don’t have to!  What ever you receive they will take.

Why do medical insurance companies allow you to keep part of the settlement if an attorney is involved?  The simple fact that they, the medical insurance companies who provide for your health care know they will receive more money in the end.  Insurance companies always offer far less than your injuries and medical bills justify.  An experienced and proven trial attorney like Rivers Morrell will hold insurance companies accountable and achieve a much higher settlement or trial verdict than you will receive on your own.  The insurance company’s portion of the settlement we achieve is much higher than the total amount you would receive on your own.  And best of all, you get to keep part of the settlement or verdict for yourself to offset the pain and suffering and lost wages you’ve been forced to endure.

Now you know more about the importance of a personal injury attorney for your insurance claim and how our work with not only the car insurance paying the claim but the medical insurance covering your injuries results in more money and a better outcome for you in the end.  Our experienced attorneys can not only negotiate your claim to reduce the amount of money owed to insurers, but also help to ensure all medical providers and health insurers accept payment as a “settlement in full” to make sure that you are not owing money after your injury claim is settled.

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