Important signs that a dog could bite

Children are the Most Common Victims of Dog Bites

The first sign is that the hair on the dog’s back may stand up on end.  That means the dog is trying to look large and intimidate you because it sees you as a threat.  Sometimes, a waging tail can also tell you that a dog wants to bite, even though most people think that’s a friendly gesture.  Look to see if the dog’s ears are forward and alert or if they seem to be pinned back.  If the ears aren’t forward and the animal seems stiff and rigid in its posture, you should be concerned.

A dog who a dog who cowers and tucks its tail up between its legs or refuses to meet your eyes is probably feeling nervous or uncomfortable. Even if you can’t see why, be careful. A dog that is on edge may bite if it is scared or startled in any way.

These are a few of the important signs that a dog could bite and caution is the best strategy when meeting a new or unfamiliar dog.

If you or your child is bitten by a dog resulting in injuries the dog’s owner is strictly liable for all related expenses under California law.  After more than 40 years of experience in dog bite and personal injury cases I can tell you insurance companies always offer too low a settlement in these cases.  Dog bites often result in severe scarring which can require plastic surgery to correct.  Dog bites also tend to injure underlying ligaments, tendons and muscle requiring physical therapy and long term care.

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