Injuries and Abuse from Neglect at an Orange County Nursing Home

Anaheim Nursing Home Falls Lead to Injuries

Injuries and abuse resulting from neglect at an orange County nursing home is more common than you might think.  There is a serious problem in many Orange County nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities: staffing.

California law specifies the number of licensed medical professionals and nurses based upon the number of patients and type of care being delivered.  State audits of most California and Orange County facilities found that skilled nursing and other important positions go unfilled due to a shortage of available workers, or improper (low) compensation packages.

As a result, many patients in an Orange County suffer injuries and abuse from neglect at an Orange County nursing home or skilled nursing facility.  One typical pattern to watch for is over-medication.  The pattern involves changes to a patient’s medication in order to sedate them so that they require less care each day.  Patients that are neglected tend to be dehydrated, and will often have sores on their bodies due to inattention.

Falls are another important sign of neglect.  The simple need to relieve one’s self lead many patients to try to get out of bed on their own resulting in a fall.  The CDC and California state agencies have noted on multiple occasions that the number of falls each year in a given nursing home or treatment facility is 2 to 4 times higher annually than the number of beds in the facility.

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