STD Transmission in Orange County on the Rise

The rate of STD transmission in Orange County is on the rise, but it is possible to hold a person of financial substance accountable for transmitting an STD like herpes, HPV or HIV without advance warning.  Those who carry an STD in California are required by law to warn any and all potential intimate partners prior to physical contact that they carry an STD.  In many cases the parties responsible do not have the means to warrant an STD civil action, but many do.  If a person of substance, such as a business owner, celebrity, professional athlete or even a clergy member gives you an STD I can help you to hold them financially accountable for their actions.

Your partner may try to intimidate you, threaten you or simply tell you it’s “your word against theirs,” or “I have the best attorneys and you won’t win,” or “you probably got it somewhere else, you can’t prove it was me.”  It is possible to prove that they gave you an STD, and hold them accountable for the medical costs and care you will require for the rest of your life.  This will also have an impact on your social life, and their reckless behavior has forced you to deal with the consequences of an STD going forward.

My name is Rivers Morrell and I have extensive experience and expertise in these cases.  I have more than 40 years of successful practice as an injury attorney here in Southern California, and I have successfully managed many STD transmission in Orange County cases just like yours.  I invite you to contact me personally, for a confidential, private and free consultation at (949) 305-1400.  We will discuss what has happened, and how our work together will restore hope and a sense of possibility to your life.  Many of my clients are experiencing a broad range of emotions ranging from shame to anger to fear when they call, but I invite you to read their letters of recommendation and hear the hope in their voices.

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