Bicycle Accident Statistics For Orange County

Recent statistics for Orange County reveal that on average, one cyclist is killed every month in a fatal accident involving a motor vehicle. In fact, fatal accidents involving cyclists in Orange County are up over 50 percent in the past two years. Part of this rise can be attributed to more people riding bicycles to commute for environmental reasons, or also due to the rising costs of transportation. The increase in cyclists could also be attributed to individuals wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.

Additionally, many cities in Orange County have become more bicycle friendly with dedicated bike lanes and trails for bicycle enthusiasts to ride on. All of this has also helped to encourage more people to cycle as an alternative means of transportation. Cyclists are more vulnerable to serious injuries in any accident, so drivers should give them more space and respect on the road to prevent serious accidents or fatalities.

Case studies of the fatal accidents in Orange County show that most cyclists that are struck by cars and killed are struck near intersections. By knowing this data, both drivers and cyclists should be sure to approach all intersections more cautious of cyclists riding in their dedicated lanes or crossing the intersections. Prevention of accidents is the best key to help from becoming another statistic.

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