91 Freeway in Riverside County is Scheduled for Closure in February

The notoriously congested 91 freeway between Orange County and Riverside County will be closed on both its eastbound and westbound lanes from February 19 through February 22. The closure of the 91 freeway in Riverside County is scheduled for a massive makeover to allow for the building of a bridge over Maple Street in Riverside. The freeway will be closed during off-peak hours, so that hopefully it will be open around the dominant commuter times. Regardless, the construction is expected to significantly delay traffic in and around the 91 freeway in Riverside County.

The 91 freeway is notorious for having some of the worst traffic bottlenecks in the entire state of California. The 91 freeway is the main gateway between Orange and Riverside Counties. Accordingly, many daily commuters must travel through this vein in order to commute to work everyday. Along with the bottleneck congestions, this freeway has frequent accidents that further delay commute times.

Drivers that are involved in minor accidents are encouraged to move to the shoulder of the road in order to not impede the other commuters. If you are involved in a more serious accident on the freeway, and your vehicle is not operable to be driven to the side of the freeway, authorities recommend to turn on hazard lights and call law enforcement/emergency personnel and remain in your vehicle until help arrives. It is more dangerous to attempt to leave your vehicle on the freeway, where you may be hit by a moving vehicle.

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