BMW Crushed by Truck Rolled by a Cement Truck in Newport Beach

A BMW crushed by a truck rolled by a cement truck in Newport Beach resulted in several serious injuries, but thankfully all of the parties have survived.  One of the occupants of the BMW was removed from the scene in critical condition with serious injuries, but their health has since improved.  Two others were transported to hospitals with “moderate injuries”, but witnesses at the scene felt the outcome could have been much worse.

Reports from the scene described the freak accident.  The cement truck allegedly made contact with the gardening truck which then rolled over onto an off-ramp, crushing the BMW.

Truck accidents in Orange County often involve serious and permanent injuries such as traumatic head injuries or paralysis, and after more than 40 years as an injury attorney I can tell you that these cases are quite legally complex.  Commercial trucking companies often have multiple layers of insurance, and the cement truck probably fits that scenario.  The truck itself is usually covered by the company who owns or operates it, and this policy is backed up by a blanket liability policy that helps to cover extreme situations.

The passengers in the BMW will absolutely have several sources of potential financial recovery in this unique accident.  It will be important to identify the actual cause of the accident so that the liability trail can be clearly established.  These types of truck accidents often result in serious and permanent injuries resulting in a “Life Care Plan” that provides for all of the medical expenses of the victim, as well as lost wages and all future medical care and associated therapy.  The life care plan must also provide for modifications to a person’s home and vehicles to help them to adjust to life after the accident.

The unique circumstances of a BMW crushed by a truck rolled over by a cement truck could have been much worse for the parties involved.  However, the injured victims will need to take action to protect their interests and move forward with their lives.  If you or someone in your family is involved in a truck accident we invite you to call for a free consultation at (949)305-1400.  There is no cost to you out of pocket.  Check out the recommendations of our clients, and the recognition of the legal industry.

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