Dog Bite and Injury Attorney in Mission Viejo – 40+ Years of Experience

Have you, your child or a family member suffered injuries from a dog attack in Mission Viejo?  Local attorney Rivers Morrell has more than 40 years of experience as a Mission Viejo dog bite and injury attorney.  We invite you to visit the substantial information about dog bites and how these injuries are usually treated contained on our website.  You will find information about how to treat wounds immediately after a dog attack, the steps the treatment of dog bite injuries usually follows, as well as detailed information on the types of injuries you may be facing and the medical care you will require.

Learn about the risk of infection and how to reduce its likelihood following a dog bite.  Dog bites tend to leave tearing injuries with irregular wounds that leave significant scarring.  These cases may require multiple plastic surgeries to repair, as well as emotional counseling following many attacks.  As a dog bite and injury attorney here in Mission Viejo I am committed to providing the information necessary for new dog owners to consider prior to selecting their breed, as well as detailed information about the number of dog bites in Orange County and across the US.

Most dog bite victims know the owner of the dog that bit them.  In many cases, these are family members or close friends.  We understand the importance of protecting these crucial relationships while working with their homeowners insurance or renters insurance to provide coverage for the medical bills and financial costs associated with their injuries.  We invite you to visit our dog bite information center, and review the recommendations of our clients and the recognition our firm has garnered from the legal industry.

It is important for you to be able to count on your dog bite and injury attorney to manage your case effectively and ensure the best possible outcome.  Our client’s appreciate our personal service, responsiveness and the effectiveness of our work.  Our offices are located just off of Crown Valley Parkway near I-5, and offer convenient free parking.  There is no cost to our clients out of pocket as we work on a contingency fee basis.  We invite you to contact us for a free consultation at (949)305-1400 or come into our Mission Viejo Office at 27201 Puerta Real, Suite 470.

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